War Leaders: Clash of Nations

War Leaders: Clash of Nations 1.0

This game aims to be one of the most complete Second World War-based games
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Enigma Software Productions

War Leaders: Clash of Nations can be considered one of the most complete Second World War-based games with the player able to participate throughout the conflict, with any of the factions that took part in the war.

Taking on the role of one of the most important historical figures from the Second World War, leading the chosen nation to victory with the help of her allies or even achieving world domination and changing the course of history, are some of the strengths of this great title.

War Leaders: Clash of Nations has an advanced Manager system of turns, permitting a range of actions from recruitment of armies and development of technologies to the formation of trade and diplomatic agreements. The game also features spectacular real time battles (RTS) with hundreds of highly detailed, real units in incredible scenery that covers the geography of the whole world. All this is possible thanks to the implementation of the most innovative game mechanism through which the user can experience the drama of battle in its purest form.

A unique way of having two games in one, combined and interacting to provide a never before seen experience in strategy gaming.

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